Hygge Diaries Chap 2- Humpty Dumpty ran away

Please note that this story is purely a work of fiction and all names, characters, places, events and locales are either a product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictous manner. Any resemblance to any event and/or person living and/or dead is purely coincidental. We do not intend on offending any race, religion or community.

“Cockroach cockroach go away. Never come another day. Little Prerna wants to pee…..” Prerna was standing at the door of the washroom feeling terribly scared of the monstrous creature running about on the marble floor sensing things with its long antennae.

“Sona!” yelled Prerna,” If you are done with your midnight date with the demons, please come here and help me out!”



“Now whats the matter?” said Sonarika burning some more sage,” Its just a little cockroach. It wont swallow you up.”

“This dumb girl is completely useless,” muttered Prerna angrily,”Here I have to pee urgently and she is busy filling up our room with more and more smoke. Incense, sage, candles, now whats left?”

“Prerna,” said Sonarika in a loud voice, “Have you seen my essential oil diffuser?”

“The diffuser!” yelled Prerna,” But why? Our room has no oxygen already. Its all smoke!”

“Where is my diffuser?” demanded Sonarika.

Luckily for Prerna the cockroach ran out of a small opening in the window.

“Finally!” said Prerna closing the door of the washroom behind her,”I can pee in peace now.”

“Prerna!” yelled Sonarika banging on the door of the washroom, “Have you seen the bottle of lavender oil I bought last week? I cant find it.”

“And you never will,” thought Prerna,” because I had put it back on the shelf of the store when you were busy buying those candle jars. I wish I could get rid of all of your smoke producing stuff.”

Sonarika was sitting with her eyes closed chanting some mantras when Prerna walked out of the washroom and got into her bed. She snuggled into her warm and cozy bed and gently closed her eyes. She was slowly drifting into sleep when she felt someone pulling her quilt.

“I am feeling scared and I am sleeping in your bed too,” said Sonarika getting into her bed.

“What are you scared of now?” said Prerna in a sleepy voice,” Is there a monster under your bed?”

“No,” said Sonarika,” Grandma has given you this sacred locket. So I am safe with you.”

“This locket has a wide range of action,” said Prerna trying to shoo her away,” Now get out of my bed, will you? You are smelling of herbs and smoke!”

“Thats so mean,” said Sonarika making a puppy face,” Okay, lets do this. Let me sleep here and I will  tell you a secret about Humpty Dumpty!”

“Humpty Dumpty,” said Prerna,”my poor little cat who ran away last month!”

“Yes,” said Sonarika.

“A secret?,” said Prerna,”What secret are you talking about?”

“First promise me that you will let me sleep here.”

“All right,” said Prerna unable to control her curiosity about her beloved cat,” You have my word.”

“Humpty Dumpty ran away beause………….”

“Because he hated baths,” said Prerna,” And I gave him a bath quite often. How I love clean cats. Cats are very often resistant to baths. He would always try to run away and wouldnt even hesitate to scratch my face every time I put him in the bathtub. I miss him so very much.”

“No!” said Sonarika,” He ran away beause he didnt like the coconut oil massages I gave him. The vet told me that its good for his fur. But I guess his girlfriend, Ms. Nanny’s cat rejected him because of this. Ms. Nanny told me that Kuhu, her cat snapped angrily at Humpty every time he met her smelling of the oil. I believe it really broke his heart.”

“He was having an affair with Ms. Nanny’s cat!” yelled Prerna.

“Thats all I wanted to share,” said Sonarika,” Now its sleepy time.”

“What about a movie tomorrow night?” asked Prerna snuggling into her quilt.

“Perfect,” said Sonarika,” The Sleepy Hollow adventures part 3 is releasing tomorrow.”

“O no!” said Prerna,” Not again. That movie irritates me so much. A haunted school bus, an eerie school and on top of that I cant stand the unending romance between the cricket team coach and the librarian. Its so very annoying.”

“They both look so adorable!” said Sonarika pulling a greater part of the quilt towards herself,” In the last part Mr. Eden had proposed to Miss Pink and and………..”

“And in this part she is going to find out that there is something spooky about him,” said Prerna in a sleepy tone.

“Dont say that,” said Sonarika,”Mr. Eden seems to be a nice person.”

“A nice ghost perhaps,” said Prerna,” I am not watching that movie at any cost.”

“But,” said Sonarika,” This movie will help us improve our knowledge by giving us so many insights about paranormal beings.”

“I cant believe this,” said Prerna,”I doubt that you are dating a ghost. Your interest in paranormal stuff annoys me so much.”

“Mr. Eden cannot be a ghost…..”said Sonarika as she drifted off to sleep.”











By Kairavi

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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