Rapunzel and her moonlight Chap 73- The secret of the healing crystal

Please note that this story is purely a work of fiction and all names, characters, places, events and locales are either a product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictous manner. Any resemblance to any event and/or person living and/or dead is purely coincidental. We do not intend on offending any race, religion or community.



Ragini sat in the stillness of the night not knowing how to prevent the sound of her sobs from crossing the threshold of her room. She covered her mouth with her hands and she could feel the immense grief rising like a raging storm within her. She had no clue why this sudden emotional meltdown had taken place. She didnt know what had triggered it but she knew that it was not just a moment of weakness, it was the result of years of built up pain and anguish which was now flowing out in the form of tears.

“I wonder if Palak will like this place!” Vividha was really concerned about their new home. To her, it was a perfect, small cozy home with  a wooden bed and a beautiful fireplace well equipped with chimney caps. Through the window she could see the beautiful view of the setting sun spreading its crimson hue across the sky. She sat down on the floor which was clean and smelt of wet mud. Looking at her new surroundings made her anxious, yet excited.


“I am going to take this leap of faith,” she whispered into the stillness of the evening.

“Daisy and Sahil are expecting their first baby next year mom,” Ved was speaking to his mother over the phone.

“Wonderful news!” his mother exclaimed,” I hope you are being a good friend in their hour of need.”

“I dont know how to help them mom, but I want to.”

“Why dont you go and have a word with Daisy’s parents,” his mother suggested,” They have been angry with her way too long and now a family reunion is a must.”

“How will my going there make things any better?” he asked doubtfully.

“Why do you always doubt yourself son?” she spoke with concern.

Ragini lay on her bed and closed her eyes in a hope to stop the flood of tears from washing over her face yet again. But alas! Fresh tears flowed down from her closed eyes dripping onto the sides of her face moistening her pillow. Just when she had lost all hope for things to get any better, she heard a faint knock at the door of her room.

It was Pallavi, one of the housemaids. “Here,” she said handing Ragini an envelope, “I found it in the mailbox, it has your name written on it.”

“A letter for me?” Ragini looked quite surprised.

“Thats exactly what I was thinking,” said Pallavi in her usual rude tone,” Who on earth could have sent you a letter?”

“Quite strange!” thought Ragini holding the letter in her hands.

“I cant do this mom,” said Ved, “I dont think that I am good at handling sensitive matters like these.”

“If not you, then who else will do this for Daisy,” his mother insisted,” You know what she has been through, dont you?”

“What if Daisy does not approve of this?” he argued.

Ragini closed the door after thanking Pallavi. Putting the letter aside, she began to walk downstairs to fetch some fresh water to drink. Her browache was getting worse and her eyes were swollen due to the huge amount of tears they had shed. She arrived at the kitchen entrance and slowly walked upto the jar of water kept at the farthest corner. Suddenly her gaze fell upon the waste paper basket she had put uderneath one of the shelves so that she would remember to dispose it off in the morning along with the kitchen waste.

And there it was, the glowing crystal shining through the bits of paper emitting a healing aura. Charged by the moonlight, the crystal now had a powerful healing ability unknown to many. “O dear!” exclaimed Ragini with a pinch of worry in her voice, “if Ms. Manya sees it here, she will surely think that I stole it on purpose. What should I do now?”

She quickly put her hand into the waste paper basket and took out the glowing crystal. It had a warm glow coupled with a soothing vibe. She quickly hid it in her shawl and carried it with her into her room.

“If Ms. Manya doesnt notice that its missing,” she thought,” I will safely put it back in her room once she leaves for work tomorrow.”

“I dont think I can do this,” Ved was terribly confused about what his mother had said. He wasnt sure if speaking to Daisy’s parents about her pregnancy was a good idea. They knew him well and thought quite highly of him, so much so that they had wanted Daisy to get married to him. But destiny had other plans in store for them. Sleep was far away from his eyes as he couldnt get rid of all his thoughts of worry and confusion.

“Why do I have a strange feeling around this crystal?” thought Ragini as she snuggled back into her bed,” I feel as if its here for a reason. I cant figure out this mystery. O dear, I sincerely hope that Ms. Manya does not notice that its missing.”

Ragini heard a faint knock at  the door. “Is it Ms. Manya!” she whispered in an anxious tone,”Has she come to accuse me of stealing?”

She got up with a heavy heart and opened the door.

“What are you doing here so late at night?” Ragini asked Nishant who was standing at the door.

“I just got to know that Vividha and Palak are moving into a new home,” he said sounding a bit worried,” I am a little concerned about them. I mean………………”

“You neednt worry Mr. Nishant,” she said opening the door wide,”They shall be all right. They have a loving neighbourhood to take care of them. Mrs. Divya is a really helpful person and has offered Vividha a job at her store. Now Vividha wont have to do any more sewing. She disliked it so much.”

“I feel so happy to hear this,” he said in a delighted tone, “Well Ragini, I am noticing a change in your voice today. Whats the matter? Have you been sobbing.”

“No,” she lied,” I guess I have a sore throat.”

“Well, take plenty of rest then. Last time, you had fallen quite ill.”






By Kairavi

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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