Rapunzel and her moonlight Chap 63- Coffee and advice

Please note that this story is purely a work of fiction and all names, characters, places, events and locales are either a product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictous manner. Any resemblance to any event and/or person living and/or dead is purely coincidental. We do not intend on offending any race, religion or community.

“I am so happy you came,”said Vividha opening the door wide for Nishant to enter,”O dear, your fingernails are so blue. It must be quite cold outside.”

“Yes, it is,” he said,”I simply forgot to put on my gloves.”

“Please do have a seat by the fire,”she said pointing towards an old wooden armchair.

“Thank you,” he said handing her a bottle of medicine,”one of my friends works at the drugstore down the lane. Do feel free to ask for any more medicines you might need.”

“Thats so very kind of you,”she said taking the bottle from his hands,”but I believe this shall be enough.”

“Is Ragini a little better now?”he asked with concern,”the last time I met her she was pretty ill.”

“Not perfectly fine but she is much better now. I believe she just needs some more rest.”

“Ved wanted to come too,” he said warming his hands by the fire,”but………”

“I understand,” said Vividha serving him some coffee,”how is your story proceeding?”

“It has been great so far. I have penned down a few more chapters. I shall be mailing a part of the manuscript to my publishers pretty soon. But I am worried about rejection.”

“Worry creates a troubled mind,”she said,”which isnt as efficient as a calm mind. You must do something to decrease your stress.”

“I dont understand,”he said,”what exactly do you mean?”

“Just imagine,”she said,”if you have an overcaring parent or relative who is constantly worried about you, how does that make you feel?”

“Awful,”he said,”I love those who care for me but anything in excess becomes annoying.”

“Exactly,” she said,” so when you care too much about yourself and keep worrying you are just being an annoying aunt to yourself.”

Nishant stared at the fire and said,”You are right but how do I stop doing that?”

“By caring and doing things for someone else,” she said.

“I dont get this,” he said sounding confused.

“I will explain,” she said,”Is there anyone for whom you can do little things to help them? It might me a relative who needs a helping hand or a friend who needs some emotional support or it might be your family who need a little of your help. I chose to help Ragini by working for Ms. Manya and it did help me a lot. When I saw her troubles and focussed on helping her out, I stopped worrying too much about myself.”

“I am getting it,” he said leaning back on his chair,”But I dont know how to do this.”

“I think I can help you with this,”she said,”Would you mind giving away a few hours of your week?”

“No,” he said politely,”I wont.”

“In my sister’s school their grammar teacher is on leave for quite sometime now. People say that she is taking care of a troubled relative. Whatever the reason might be, the poor students are suffering as astronomy-bright-cloud-579325there have been no grammar lessons for over a month now. I would have loved to go there and teach them but unfortunately I have no time. If you want, you can help them with their grammar lessons on certain days of the week.”

“That sounds lovely,” he said drinking his coffee,”I am not very sure but its still an option worth considering.”

“I wish you all the very best for your upcoming book,” she said,”I do hope it brings you good fortune.”

By Kairavi

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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