Santa Claus is coming tonight Chap 92- An enchanted dream

Please note that this story is purely a work of fiction and all names, characters, places, events and locales are either a product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictous manner. Any resemblance to any event and/or person living and/or dead is purely coincidental. We do not intend on offending any race, religion or community.

“Are you in love with yourself?” Diya turned around only to be greeted by her good old Santa smiling lovingly at her.

“Santa!”she said with a huge smile on her face,”you are here too.”

“Why not my child?” he said smoothing out his moustache,”I have yet so many messages to deliver. But first things first where is that hairbrush I gifted you?”

“Here in my bag,” she said taking out a soft pink hairbrush,” do you want to see it.”

“No,” he whispered,”I want you to have a closer look at it.”

Diya felt quite surprised. What was there to look at? She used it daily and there was nothing new about it. But when Santa insisted, she brought it closer to her eyes and as she observed it carefully, all of a sudden she gasped.

“Amazing,” she said as where on the handle had there been carved a message, “Love knows best” was now carved in red a miniature symbol of an owl and on the back of the handle she saw a new message adorning the brush which read,”Help is coming.”

“Dear Santa,” she said looking up at him,”how did this magic happen?”

“My work was to deliver the message to you,” he said,”the magic is there in your heart. God bless you my child.”

“But,” she tried to stop him but he stormed out of the main hall and vanished into thin air.

“No,” she said looking at her hair brush,”I wasnt dreaming. This is real.”

“Whats real?” asked Vivan walking towards her,”I am sorry to make you wait. The call was really important. Mom had quite a lot to say.”

“Thats all right,” she said placing the brush back into her bag,” the rains have stopped now. Will you accompany me to the florist?”

“That would be lovely,” he said,” I hope we may find a cab easily.”

Nisha lay fast asleep lost in her dreams. She was lost in the beauty of an amazing dream where she saw herself sitting on an elite cruise gazing lovingly at the sea. She wore a beautiful floral printed gown and her hair lay loose only to be kissed by the winds. The cool see breeze hugged her naked soul and her eyes sparkled as she gazed at the full moon.

A soft smile adorned her sleeping face as she dived deeper and deeper into her dream. The cruise wasnt crowded and her corner was completely deserted. She heard the sound of footsteps coming towards her and turned around to see who it was. To her surprise, she saw no one. Feeling all the more confused she turned back to look up at the moon which now had a crimson hue. As she looked at the sea adorably sending out her love to all the creatures residing within, she heard some faint whispers coming from the sea below which said,”You are glowing beloved. Trust your heart and I promise to play my part.” And then she saw a beautiful Goddess emerging from the depth of the ocean dressed in a bluish robe a fragment of which fell upon her innocent face and in that moment she could feel her own divine grace.

Nisha did not wake up with a jerk. She opened her eyes rather slowly and felt so relaxed and peaceful. She remembered the dream quite well and then whispering a prayer of thanks, she slowlbeautiful-blur-bright-326055y drifted to sleep again.


By Kairavi

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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