Rapunzel and her Moonlight Chap 40- Embrace the storm

Ragini woke up pretty early the next morning. She could hear the howling winds screaming against her window panes. It was a still a little dark and the raging sounds of the storm made it impossible for her to sleep.

“O my,” she said rubbing her eyes,” poor Vividha must be working outside in this harsh weather. I will ask her to get in until the storm subsides.”

She quickly wore her slippers, grabbed her umbrella and rushed out into the garden. She carefully closed the door behind her and walked hastily towards the rose bush.

But to her utter surprise, Vividha was happily dancing in the winds. Her thick long hair graced her beauty as they danced to the tunes of the winds. The raindrops adorned her silky locks with their moist kisses and the mud stains decorated her ragged clothes.

“Vividha,” Ragini called out to her,” you are spreading happiness all around. This is lovely.”

“So,” said Vividha looking towards her,” why dont you join me too?”

“Because,” said Ragini trying very hard to hold her umbrella against the strong winds,” this is the only clothing I have for today. The other one is still wet.”

“Okay,” said Vividha sitting down on the damp soil,” go in then. And dont worry about the roses. They are in safe hands.”

“I am not worried about the roses. I am worried about you. Its terribly cold here. You must get in.”

“Relax Ragini. Why waste such ┬ámystical morning staying indoors. I am loving it here.”

Ragini stood there holding her umbrella feeling the soft hug of the winds. The winds washed away all her miseries and her heart felt lighter. She whispered softly to herself,

“O beloved mighty winds, O mistress of wisdom, please carry me to mystical lands and enchanted woods, to far off places where dreams come true, to the sea where mermaids reside and to the skies where unicorns ride, to the vast mysterious oceans and to the seas of tranquility. Please do not leave me behindastronomy-bright-cloud-579325 in this sorrowful world. Please take me along with you.”


By Kairavi

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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