Rapunzel and her Moonlight Chap 30- To you from me

​Please note thatcastle-european-interiors-68389 this story is purely a work of fiction and all names, characters, places, events and locales are either a product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictous manner. Any resemblance to any event and/or person living and/or dead is purely coincidental. We do not intend on offending any race, religion or community.

​With Mrs. Aradhana and Mr. Vikram having left the house, Ragini’s workload had increased tremendously. She worked hard to keep up with all the stuff but the whole time thoughts of not being paid haunted her mind. The work she despised, she did it all. She worked hard day and night only to live upto someone else’s expectations and not her own. She felt tired and miserable. She longed for freedom and it was nowhere to be seen.

​Ms. Anita had caught fever and had stayed back. Ragini was tending to all her needs. She sometimes did feel that the two ladies were getting their desired outcomes.

​”But what about me?” she said sitting in the garden and watering the roses,” will I ever get my own share of good luck?”

​The clouds had covered the sky once again and the the cool breeze was gently caressing her cheeks.

​”How I wish,” she said letting out a deep sigh,” that Palak and Vividha are able to get through all their troubles. They are wonderful souls and deserve all the happiness in the world.”

​”So do you!”

​She turned around and saw Vividha walking towards her.

​”How did you get in?” asked Ragini getting up.

​”How are you?” asked Vividha,” you look tired. Is everything all right?”

​”Why are you here? How did the guard let you in?”

​”I requested him. He was rude initially but then he agreed. I just sent lots of kind vibes to him.”

​”I cant take you inside,” said Ragini feeling a little upset,” shall I get you some water?”

​”I came in to check on you. Are you all right?”

​”No, I am not,” said Ragini putting down the water can,” its all too hard. I cant work here anymore.”

​”There is something I can do for you,” said Vividha giving her a warm hug.

​”Thats a smart offer,” said Ms. Manya looking at Vividha as Ragini served the tea,” so I hope that you are good at gardening.”

​”You will have no complaints Mam. Your roses shall blossom beautifully and if you want I shall plant some lilies too.”

​”And,” said Ms. Manya sipping her tea,” you can have your owm share of the flowers. Good indeed.”

​”So,” said Vividha as Ragini walked her out,” I shall sell those few flowers and you can fill up your piggy bank with it.”

​”Thats not fair,” said Ragini,” why should I take your hard earned money?”

​”Take it as a gift,” said Vividha,” to you from me.”

By Kairavi

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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