Rapunzel and the Moonlight Chap 2- The bright morning

You are mistaken Mam, I was just……..”

​”Having a look at my ornaments, were you?”

​”No! I was…………”

​”Thats okay,” came the sinister voice again,” you can take whatever you want. I am pretty generous with all my staff.”

​Not knowing what to do or say, she slowly closed the cupboard and walked up to the lady.

​”I called you for some work,” said the lady, “a young girl of your age should be working the whole time. Stop wasting your youth chasing butterflies in the garden.”

​Saying so, she threw a bright red cotton gown at her.

​”Take that lace from my desk and put it on the border. Iron it nicely and bring it to me first thing in the morning.”

​”I shall do it Mam,” she said picking up the needed stuff.

​The sunshine came in through her window and lit up her entire room. She woke up instantly and walked up to the windows.

​”Its a bright day today,” she said opening the curtains, “how I wish Mam stays out the whole day.”

​The dining hall was being prepared for breakfast. The housemaids were laying the table while the sweepers were almost done with their work.

​Mrs. Aradhna, the housekeeper, took out a huge chocolate cake from the refrigerator and hid it in the kitchen behind the sugar jar.

​”Now why are you hiding this?” her husband and the cook Mr. Vikram asked her.

​”I am in no mood to let that witch have it. She may not even remember. Let her be content with the apple pie.”

​”Ah!” he said,” so you are saving this up for yourself. Such amount of chocolate is not good at this age.”

​”Well now, I am well aware of that. This is not for me. I am saving this for dear Ragini. She has been working so hard. She would be delighted by this. Who doesn’t love chocolate?”

​Ragini walked down the staircase holding the neatly folded gown in her hands. She arrived at the same door and knocked gently.

​”Come in!” came the sinister voice.

​She walked in slowly and placed the gown on the bed beside Ms. Manya who was busy reading the newspaper.

​”Now let me see if you have done it well.”

​Ragini held her breath as Ms. Manya examined the gown. She stared at it for a moment and then spoke, “It shall do for the event tonight. Now you may leave.”

​Ragini’s happiness knew no bounds.

​”There is an event at night,” she thought,” so Mam will be out the whole day and will return late at night. Thats wonderful.”beautiful-blur-bright-326055

By Kairavi

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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