Santa Claus is coming tonight Chap 9- Santa’s dilemma

balls-bow-boxes-237904Dad, why don’t you relax! Its not as if we have to compete with everyone. I will get married only if I feel that its the right time,” Nisha assured her father. Not wanting to engage in this conversation anymore, Nisha excused herself by saying that she had to speak to the manager regarding certain arrangements.

Diya woke up from her sleep with a sudden jerk. She had been unable to sleep due to the constant worried voices screaming in her head.” Have you gone out of your mind? Do you think you can make a living like this? Stupid girl, left such an excellent job and now you are wasting your hard earned money here.” The voices wouldn’t just stop yelling. She had a terrible headache and felt too weak to take any decision. She also felt terribly hungry.​ She thought of calling the room service but then thought that it would be better if she walked down to the dining hall. This silence was killing her. She thought that she would feel better if she would be around certain people.

“The decorations are wonderful, I have to say that your entire team has done a really great job.” Nisha was engaged in a conversation with the wedding planner.

“None of all this would have been possible if you wouldn’t have supported us financially,” Nisha’s aunt spoke as she walked towards them. “You know,” she continued, “how much wedding preparations cost these days! It takes up all your savings. But we have such excellent relatives that my daughter is having a wedding of her dreams.”

Nisha was now annoyed. She had agreed to support her uncle and aunt financially because she truly wanted her cousin to have a wedding she desired. But what she couldn’t help feeling was that why did people create so much fuss about weddings? Why can’t people let weddings remain happy and peaceful occasions instead of converting them into some sort of stressful situations. Years later, it would hardly matter to Juhi what sort of a wedding she had, the only thing that would matter to her would be her relationship.

Diya entered the dining hall. It was beautifully decorated. All the people seemed to be dressed up like they were there for some sort of function. Only a few people were dressed up casually like her. Then her eyes fell on a beautifully decorated board which read, “JUHI weds RITESH”.  So her assumption was right. There was a wedding going on there after all. Diya sat down at a table right in the corner of the room. The waiter gave her the menu card. She stared at it for a moment. Her heart sank. No, she couldn’t eat here. Even the lowest prices were beyond what she could afford. She felt embarrassed and hurt. “I am sorry,” she said to the waiter, “but I will leave for now.” Even before she could get a reply, she hurriedly walked out.

“I am so sorry,” Nisha muttered an apology as she collided with a man in the hallway. “How weird,” thought Nisha, “Why would anyone dress up like Santa at this time of the year?”

“Its all right my child,” the man replied softly, “By the way dear, do you know where Ms Nisha is? I have got to deliver her a message?”

Nisha was surprised. A message, and that too for her, and that too from a man dressed up like Santa? That seemed strange. Not trusting the man, she didn’t wish to reveal her identity.

“Well Nisha must be busy in the wedding preparations,” she lied, “If you wish I can convey the message to her.”

The old man smiled. “That is an option,” he said, “but I am not sure if that would be right, its a confidential message you see.”

“I totally understand,” said Nisha, “but you can count on me for that.” Now Nisha was beginning to get curious. A confidential message! What could it possibly mean?

“I am still not sure, I wish to deliver the message in person,” the man said in a confused tone, “maybe I can drop in later. Will you please inform Ms Nisha that Santa came with a message for her?”

“Sir, you are getting worried for no reason”, said Nisha. Nisha wanted to get the message at all cost. Her sharp mind then thought of something and she said, “So are you a real Santa?”

“No doubt my child,” the old man said proudly.

“So”, said Nisha, “will you grant my wish?”

“Why not !” the man replied politely.

“My wish is,” said Nisha, “that you entrust me with this message.”

The old man smiled again. “Its not easy for me to grant your wish, but still, let me see.”

He searched in his bag and then finally took out an envelope. “Here it is my child.”

By Kairavi

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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