Santa Claus is coming tonight Chap 4- Trouble and pain

balls-bow-boxes-237904We did so much for you and now..” Diya’s mother was screaming at her. She had tears in her eyes. She had always dreamt of her daughter of becoming a strong, independent woman and when Diya got her job at the bank, her mom felt that all her prayers have been answered.

“I know maa that you did so much for my happiness, but the thing is that I am not happy. I don’t know why, but I feel that I want to do something else.”

“Come on Nisha, you aren’t ready yet?” Juhi was asking Nisha. Nisha looked at her. She looked beautiful in her pink saree and the kundan ornaments suited her so well. One could see her happiness clearly in her eyes.

But the sad part was that no one could see Nisha’s pain. No one had ever seen it. She was working at a job where she got no respect, she rented an apartment where half the time there was no electricity and half the time, the water supply was at its worst. Only she knew how she surpassed the harsh summers and the freezing winters. But what people saw was only that she earned a good amount of money and was working at a reputed firm. For the society, this means success. And successful people are supposed to be happy, aren’t they?

“Why dont you get back to your friends, I will join you soon,” Nisha told Juhi.

“What is this Nisha! Its Juhi’s wedding. You have to be with her.” Nisha’a mom was really annoyed with her. She wanted her daughter to actively participate in the wedding ceremonies else the guests would badmouth about her.

“Come on Nisha,” said her mom, “Its time for you young people to have fun. I am telling you Nisha that these times are not going to come back again.”

Nisha didn’t even want such times to come back again. She had already suffered enough.

It was as if pain had become her soulmate and every time she saw a glimpse of happiness in something it too was not spared by the dark shadows.

I know that our story has started on a sad note, but don’t get disheartened my beautiful readers, Santa Claus is going to make his entry very soon.

Thank you for reading. Love and peace to all.

By Kairavi

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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