Santa Claus is coming tonight Chap 25- A divine encounter

“He told me,” continued Nisha, “that what supports you when you are broke is blur-blurred-background-bokeh-870866your heart’s true desire. And that was the moment I remembered all those times when I had decorated my apartment with candles and covers and also encouraged my mom to do so, those times when I would take absolute pleasure in connecting with fabrics and colours, that time I was really in bliss.”

“Universe planned that encounter for you,” said Diya, “now lets get going. I don’t want to miss out on lunch.”

​The dining hall was overcrowded with guests so much so that the girls chose to have their lunch in their room.

​”What event are they having today?” Arjun spoke in an irritated tone, “the entire hotel is packed with guests.”

​”I got to know that there is a book launch today,” said Vivan.

​”I am so sick of all this. Just want to resign as soon as possible.”

​”Hold on Arjun, keep your feet on the ground. We need to make a living somehow.”

​”We will for sure. Moonology is what is my dream project. We only have to figure out a way. Thats it.”

​”And our intuition will guide us when we relax. So we are going to the book launch this evening.”

​”I wish,” spoke Nisha, “that what I am feeling is right. This all seems so strange and weird. I don’t know.”

​”You shall know when you shall try,” spoke a whispering voice within her heart.

​For unexplainable reasons Nisha had begun hearing these whispers of wisdom more often.

​The evening was another cold one. It was windy and foggy. The book launch was to be held in a few hours and the entire hotel staff was busy running errands. The decorations were splendid and the hotel was sparkling in its full glory. The stage was being prepared and the mikes were being tested. Huge speakers were installed and banners were being hung.

​Nisha walked down the staircase and stood staring at the splendid decor. She had been informed of the moonology workshop being cancelled beforehand but still she chose to visit the area near the pool where the workshop was going to be held. The whispers of wisdom told her to do so and she chose to listen to them. She quietly walked towards the hallway which led to a huge door which opened to her destination. It was so windy that she pulled up her shawl to cover her ears. She was glad that she hadn’t washed her hair. She slowly advanced towards the pool and sat down on one of the huge armchairs. The fog was so thick that she could barely see through. She didn’t wish to go in as it was all too noisy. She wanted some peace and here it was.

​”Why would anyone choose to go close to the pool on such a windy day?” said Diya to herself as she was dressing up, “I tried so hard to convince her to come to the book launch with me but now I have to go all alone. Never mind, I shall find some nice ladies to give me company.”

​”And now, why do you want to go out in such horrible weather?” Vivan asked Arjun as they descended downstairs.

​”Just give me a call when the book launch is about to start. I shall come. As of now, I really want to get away from all this chaos.”

​Arjun walked into the huge hallway and out he went. Vivan made his way to the auditorium.

By Kairavi

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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