Santa Claus is coming tonight Chap 24- Lets go shopping

“This is so soft,” said Nisha holding a corner of the bedsheet which the salesgirl was showing her,” and this colour is so soothing to the eyes.”

​”Yes mam, this one is really quite comfortable.”

​Nisha selected a total of twelve bedsheets while Diya was on the ground floor buying some clothes.”

​”Thank God we came here,” said Diya to herself, “this place seems to be really nice. Almost everything available here is in my budget.”

​”Diya, are you done? We need to proceed to the candle store now.”

​”Hold on Nisha, calm down. By the way I am so happy that you finally found a way for yourself. An online magazine on decorating your rooms with everyday stuff is really a unique idea. And luckily, we are in such a lavish hotel. We are going to get some really great pictures.”

​”You know what, if that gentleman would not have given me the idea, I would have never even thought of it.”

​”Whom are you talking about?”

​”The one I told you about last night. You see I was waiting for you in the sitting area when Mr Ajay suddenly came and sat next to me.

​”I hope,” he started speaking, “that you are well aware of the fact that you two are the only ones here residing on the hotel’s expenses.”

​I felt angry as he was mocking me in front of other guests but I still replied politely.

​”I know this,” I said, “and I thank you all for this opportunity.”

​”You know this,” he literally shouted at me this time, “and still you were going to drag the police in petty matters.”

​”I guess you need to control your tongue. A woman being attacked is not a petty matter.”

​”She wasn’t harmed in any way and still you created so much drama.”

​”The issue is not that she was harmed or not, the thing here is that she was attacked. And besides that, it did harm her emotionally.”

​”You people are nothing but attention seekers. That other one was fooled by a scam and now you too have joined her.”

​I had begun to lose my patience. I really felt like punching him in the face. But then I thought that why should I respond to him? Its not my job to correct him. I chose to stay silent.

​”Ashamed of yourself, aren’t you?” he spoke again and this time I could no longer take it.

​”You see mister, this hotel is a place where people come to celebrate and spend some nice time together. Some come here for official work while some are here to relax and enjoy their vacation. We are no different from other guests. We are not paying you because that was your offer which we accepted. If you have any regrets, we can leave anytime. And safety is a serious issue. There are kids here too. And if such an incident would have happened with one of your richer guests you would have been in serious trouble.”

​”I command you to get out right now. None of our wealthy guests want to stay with fools like you!”

​”We shall empty our rooms and leave tomorrow. We will stay in the sitting hall tonight.”

​”I didn’t know that in such reputed hotels guests are humiliated like this.” I saw a young man advancing towards us. I don’t know him and Mr Ajay turned his face towards him and said, “These people are not our guests.They are here on our expenses and just don’t want to get out.”

​Saying this, he left muttering something under his breath.

​”You must speak to Manager Nishant. He is pretty understanding,” the gentleman said.

​”There is no point in that,” I said, “I would rather leave than getting myself embarrassed in front of all.”

​”Well if you are gifted with a free stay, then why give it away? What he said about you is his opinion. It has got nothing to do with you.”

​”You maybe right. By the way, may I know why you are so concerned?”

​”I am not concerned. I have been humiliated by my boss so many times in a similar manner. My life had become a living hell. But then luckily I got over it.”

​”Thats good for you. Did you quit your job then?” I didn’t even know why I was talking to him. I normally never meddle with strangers.

​”And then he told me about his passion for moonology and how it had helped hblur-blurred-background-bokeh-870866im when he was at his worst.”

​”What idea did he give you then?”, asked Diya.

By Kairavi

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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