Santa Claus is coming tonight Chap 2- My heart knows best

“Are you out of your mind?” Diya’s father screamed at her.

“Maybe”, said Diya, “I maybe out of my mind but my heart knows what is best for me.”

“But Diya do you even know what you are doing? I mean you have such an excellent job  at the bank and now you want to give it up for some fun hobby?”

“Dad, please. Its not some fun hobby. Its my passion which I now want to make it into my profession.”

After a heated argument, Diya’s father sadly walked away. Diya stared at the envelope in front of her. It contained a letter or rather an admission form to fill up.

“The Mother Earth Society” had started its own training course for people who believed in making this earth a better place to live in. A great initiative for sure. But not many people saw it as a career opportunity. Diya’s parents were the same. Taking up such aballs-bow-boxes-237904 thing as a hobby was alright, but when Diya announced that she would quit her job for it, her father surely lost his temper.

While Diya’s family considered it to be a total waste of time, in her heart Diya knew that this was always what she had wanted to do.

Its disheartening that in our country so many of youngsters hardly know that there are careers beyond what their family believes in. Diya was one of them. Just when she had completed her graduation and taken up a job, she realised that this was not the sort of life she had dreamt of.

“Lets get her married”, Diya’s parents were having a discussion.”She is going to make a mess of her life. We worked so hard to get her educated so that she becomes a strong independent woman and now see, what she is up to.”

We live in a free country. Yes we do. But then why it is that our freedom is limited only to the moment we fit into this society’s norms of being a successful person? Is success only defined by the salary you earn or the car you drive?

By Kairavi

Namaste my loves. Do join me on my journey to embrace the healing power of nature and love to better our lives and fulfill our dreams.

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